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July newsletter

The summer is well underway here in the USA and we trust that you are all able to enjoy it, especially now that school is out. It can be a busy time, with summer camps, vacation bible school,… Read More

Exciting update from Pastor Sika, June 2018

In spite of continuing political turmoil, government crackdowns and fast-rising prices in Togo, Pastor Sika’s latest report is an amazing testimony to how God continues to work through his ministry to bring the Gospel to the lost –… Read More

June newsletter

Gerald and I have been going through some major changes in our life these past few months, mainly due to reaching retirement age – although none of this will affect our involvement in the ministry! But through the… Read More

May newsletter

We are excited to share what our overseas partners in Africa have been doing recently – in spite of several serious setbacks and unstable conditions in some of the countries. Sadly many countries in both Africa and other… Read More

April news update

Although Spring certainly took its time arriving this year in many parts of the USA, back in Texas everything is blooming and gardens are growing! Of course all of this is an unknown experience for our African partners… Read More

March news and pictures from Africa

We are writing this from Maryland where we are visiting with our family for a few weeks, but we can always be reached via e-mail or the website. Our son and his wife are taking care of things… Read More

Tragic news from Africa

It is always a shocking reminder of how different life is in Africa and other parts of the world, when we receive news of a terrible tragedy or horrific act that affects one of our partners there. Sadly… Read More

January 2018 update from Pastor Sika

Read the full news update from Pastor Sika, received in early January, which includes many great photos and news regarding the Joseph Project Orphanage and the other areas of his ministry both in the villages and in the… Read More

January news and review

As I prepare the reports for our annual IMOF Inc. board meeting each year in January, I am always amazed at all that God has done throughout the year through our partners’ ministries in Africa. Every year there… Read More

Christmas news update

This morning when we got up, the temperature was right around freezing – and although we are blessed with heating in our home, I found myself instinctively hugging my arms to my body and planning activities that would… Read More