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Brilliant Bible Battles

As I was contemplating a new topic for our next Joy With Jesus kids blog series, I was reminded of how our 5 year old grandson’s favorite game always seems to involve a “battle”. Whether it is toy… Read More

Amazing, Awesome Acts (Part 8)

As our daily lives continue to be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic around the world, it’s hard to not get anxious about how much longer it is before we can get back to “normal” again! We all had… Read More

Special Easter activities for kids

With life turned upside down for so many around the world this Easter season, I thought it might be helpful to share a few simple ideas and links to great videos that teach the true story of Easter… Read More

Amazing, Awesome Acts! (Part 7)

Right now, families all around the world are having to make big changes because of the Covid-19 virus that has spread quickly. It can be scary and worrying, but we should all remember that God knows the future… Read More

Amazing, Awesome Acts (part 6)

Sometimes, reading the Bible and learning of miracles done by God for His people, we forget how scary it must have been for those faithful men and women in impossible situations who were praying desperately to God. Just… Read More

Amazing, Awesome Acts! (part 5)

As we continue in the Book of Acts and read the many exciting stories of Jesus’ followers as they went out and shared the Good News, trusting God to work through them, we sometimes come across some very… Read More

Amazing, Awesome Acts! (Part 4)

Even as Christians today in 2020, we have the same command from Jesus as did his disciples – to go and share the Good News about Jesus with everyone. The Book of Acts tells many true stories of… Read More

Amazing, Awesome Acts (part 3)

It is a sad reality that not EVERYONE wants to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior – and in fact there are even those who actively work against or even persecute and kill Christ’s followers! As humans, we… Read More

More Amazing, Awesome Acts!

As we continue to read in the Book of Acts, we see that thousands of people began to follow Jesus Christ as a result of the preaching and testimonies of the disciples and followers of Jesus. But also… Read More

New Joy with Jesus kids message – Amazing, awesome Acts!

This is the first of an exciting new series recounting some of the amazing things done by the first followers of Jesus Christ as they went out to obey Christ’s command to go and preach the Gospel. These… Read More