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Exciting update from Pastor Sika in Togo

In late April we received another wonderful report from Pastor Sika, with news and photos of the new building (nearing completion at last!) at the Joseph Project Orphanage. He also shares photos and details of the agricultural project this year – the large corn field is well-cared for and growing well so far, and he explains how the children help prepare the cassava roots they grow to grind into flour as another helpful staple food in their diet.

Plastering has now been finished and the doors and windows installed in the new building – just painting, ceilings and locks are need to complete it.
The orphans help cut up the cassava roots to be dried before grinding into flour








In addition he gives details of the continuing evangelism carried out by his church through playing soccer, showing open-air Christian movies, and ministering in prisons. You can read the full report here: April 2017 news report

More local missionaries are needed such as these pictured here with local prison authorities

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