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Praise report on JP orphanage and evangelism in Togo

Just a week ago we shared the desperate need for $1,000 to build a new bathroom complex after the old one was totally destroyed in a storm – PTL it has already come in from some faithful supporters! We also want to share with you this amazing detailed report from Pastor Sika about his evangelistic work in some pagan villages that are very closed to the Gospel.

It is hard for many of us in the West to imagine that well-educated people can still believe and put their faith in primitive man-made idols, including worshiping and sacrificing to them! But Pastor Sika shares that a full 50% of the population of Togo (including many government leaders and businessmen) still worship idols. He tells about visiting a pagan village that is especially hostile to the Gospel, called Agbanakin. This primitive village houses a religious shrine visited by many in the area on religious pilgrimages, and has eminent priests performing sacrifices 24 hrs a day.

These women refuse to accept Jesus for fear of being killed by the devil
Village chief’s palace built by rich pagan intellectuals







Pastor Sika met the chief and village leaders, and under the guise of giving  gifts of shoeboxes (from Operation Christmas Child) to poor children of the village, he was told that he could come back and talk to the whole village as long as he did not mention Jesus, or the words “church” or “pastor”. Pastors and evangelists from several other churches had already been run off, but Pastor Sika spoke to the people about heaven and hell, using the terms “mission” and “missionaries” – previously unheard by the people. He has been invited to return to the village for the purpose of showing a movie projection – the challenge being, which movie to show about Christ, given the chief’s restrictions!!

He plans to start the work of church planting there through ministry to the children and widows who are particularly needy, although he knows it will be a long and difficult battle. He hopes to do so with Brother Donald, who works with Pastor Sika, doing children’s ministry through what they call the Child Reap Program in and around Lomé. I (Shirley) was privileged to have Donald as my translator when I visited Sika-Kondji, and now he and his wife are doing  a great job of ministering on a weekly basis to over 250 children, mostly abandoned or street children. You can read more about all this, including the testimonies of some young girls who recently found Christ in Pastor Sika’s Update on Evangelism in Togo.

Brother Donald ministering to children near Lomé









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