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Curious facts about Bible heroes – 5

The long summer holidays are a great time to practice “friendship evangelism”, reaching out especially to families with children in your neighborhood. As Christians we should recognize that this time free of the school routine is great to help our kids focus more on learning more about Jesus and following his example. Yes, VBS is always great, but there are so many simple activities and ways to help neighbors that can also provide fun and fill the time with doing something worthwhile. Why not also include other neighborhood kids from time to time as well? Sadly in many families children are left to entertain themselves – and, left to themselves, the world just offers them too many bad choices! Having fun and getting to know a Christ-loving family can give a child new hope and introduce them to the most lasting friendship possible here on earth – with Jesus Christ!

This month’s bible story illustrates how even a child away from his parents and surrounded by ungodly examples can grow up to be a great man of God, if his heart is open to learn of God from an early age. Be blessed, Shirley.

The little boy who heard from God

El niño que oyó de Dios

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