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July news update

Dear Friends and Partners,

We praise God that the urgent funds needed to build a new bathroom block (after the original one was completely destroyed in a storm recently) at the JP orphanage in Togo, have arrived there! Special thanks to those of you who responded so quickly to that need! There are currently 18 children being cared for there now, including this newly orphaned brother and sister whose parents died of AIDS and who themselves are HIV positive and so in great need of medication. As a new school year approaches there soon, they will all need more school supplies, uniforms and, of course, school fees, so we ask for your continued prayers. In the background (right) of this photo you can see the present “shack” that is Bethany Baptist church inside the Joseph Project compound. The staff, orphans and also several dozen local villagers and children now regularly attend the church, and so there is great need to build a “proper” church building, or at least put a roof on the pillars that have already been started for the new church.

Please also keep in your prayers Pastor Sika and his team as they soon return to Agbanakin to show a movie about Jesus Christ. This pagan village has been very closed to the Gospel for many years, but after some visits recently from Pastor Sika (as seen in this photo) the chief has given permission for a movie to be shown to the villagers – as long as Jesus is not mentioned by name!

Mike in Kenya returned last month from a ministry visit to Uganda helping “Wheels for the World” distribute dozens of wheelchairs, as seen in the photos here. Many are custom fitted with foam to help patients with special conditions such as cerebral palsy, and as it may take several hours and there is currently a famine in Uganda, a meal was also provided for everyone each day. Mike says he ministered Jesus to 220 children and adults, but sadly there were no local pastors to help continue the work of discipleship. After his return to Kimilili he held another rally in a girls school and his coworker Marcie taught children’s ministry training to 24 ministers in Kitale, which went very well.






Pastor Honoré in Central African Republic was finally able to write to us after being without a laptop for several months. He has now got a “new” one and so we look forward to staying in better contact. Thankfully he is fully recovered from his fall down the stairs but says they have been going through a long season of spiritual battles of different kinds. He held a baptism recently at his church, which continues to grow strong. Unfortunately the state of the country remains unsettled. On 19th June a peace treaty and cease-fire were signed in Rome by CAR government leaders and leaders of rebel factions – however the next day more fighting broke out in the town of Bria killing more than 100 people! Bria is apparently a much coveted area due to diamond mines there. Two years ago a special criminal court was ordered to be set up to look into war crimes against civilians in C.A.R. and bring charges and punishment to those responsible, but due to lack of funds little progress has been made and it has yet to begin work! We continue to pray for this disorganized, war-torn country! For more details on C.A.R. follow this link

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