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Curious facts about Bible heroes – 7

As many children are returning to school at this time, we encourage them to recognize the importance of secular learning and education as well as learning more of God and the Bible. We try to help them find good role models in life and can often turn to biblical heroes as examples. Our story this month is about probably the most educated and wise king of all time, King Solomon. Apparently he was fascinated with nature and studied many plants and animals. He was also gifted as a writer and song writer, and was brought up to love and honor God. We know that he asked God for wisdom rather than riches, and he seems to be a perfect role model – until we read the end of his story! But important lessons can be learned when we face the reality of how even a perfect life can lull us into disobedience to God!

A not-quite-so-perfect role model

Un modelo de conducta no tan perfecto

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