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Joy with Jesus teaching – Do you like school?

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere in a country where it is winter time right now, you are probably getting very tired of the cold weather! Here in the U.S.A. it has been a particularly cold winter in most places, and it feels especially bad if you have to wait beside the road for the school bus early in the morning before the sun is up and it is bitterly cold! I remember so well how our children would fuss about getting out of bed on such a morning – often ignoring the calls to get up or complaining that they were too sick to go to school! I could understand how they felt and would have liked to stay longer in bed myself, but in our home for several years both my husband and I drove school buses so the children HAD to go to school! They didn’t have to walk to the road and wait for the bus, but they did have to get onto a freezing cold bus at 6.00 am every morning! But no matter what the weather, I think sooner or later every child wishes they didn’t have to go to school sometimes. I hope this little message will encourage the children you know to push on through the rough times and appreciate the great opportunity they have of learning!
Blessings, Shirley.

 Do you like school?

¿Te gusta ir a la escuela?

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