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April news update

Although Spring certainly took its time arriving this year in many parts of the USA, back in Texas everything is blooming and gardens are growing! Of course all of this is an unknown experience for our African partners as close to the equator the days remain the same length all year long and there are various dry and rainy seasons during the year. Before my visits to Africa I had presumed it would be hot (which of course it can be – especially where there is no a/c or fans!) but, especially in higher altitudes such as in parts of Kenya, it can often be quite chilly! This was probably to Mike’s advantage judging from this picture where he was packed and ready for his trip north to the Turkana people!

We feel so blessed to be a part of helping faithful native ministers such as Mike as they take the Gospel to other unreached people groups like the nomadic Turkana people. Even if any of us were able to go there, we would be far less effective due to so many cultural differences, but Mike is able and willing to fit right in with them as he shares the hope and love of Jesus Christ and helps them recognize the importance of also sharing God’s love with little children – many of whom may not reach adulthood due to the extremely harsh life there. We pray that many lives will be brought to Christ through his visit. Blessings, Gerald and Shirley

Michael in Kenya has just returned from his trip to Lodwar in Northern Kenya, where he joined up with Pastor Ken (a local pastor/missionary who ministers to the Turkana people). Mike has visited several times before but this time the purpose of his trip was to share the vision of children’s ministry and teach a training seminar to a group of interested believers. Thanks to a couple of generous donations from our supporters, he was able to carry with him not just some rice and other important food staples, but also 30 study bibles to distribute to those at the seminar. Bibles are hard to obtain in that remote area, but study bibles are even more so, and very expensive! Mike’s son, Trevor, was able to accompany him on the trip, along with two coworkers from his children’s ministry team. These other photos give us a good idea of how the traveling went and we will share more soon!







Pastor Sika in Togo is finally recovering from his latest bout of sickness, praise the Lord! He wrote to say that they have had to make some sudden changes with the JP orphanage staff due to the sudden departure of his younger brother, Beaugard, who was the orphanage director. But thankfully Pastor Tomety has agreed to take over this important position. He has proven to be a faithful and trusted coworker; in addition to pastoring the church at the orphanage, he has been closely involved from the very beginning as spiritual advisor to both staff and orphans, so we believe this will be a major blessing to all involved. Prayers are urgently needed for rain so that the crops can be planted – the corn, peanuts and cassava are important staples of the orphans’ diet. Pastor Sika also asks for continued prayers for the country of Togo as the situation remains very precarious. Apparently all the presidents of West Africa have sent the President of Ghana to plead for change and democracy with the Togolese president, but he and his government remain intractable. Civil war seems quite a possibility.







Pastor Honoré in C.A.R. reports that they enjoyed a very successful Easter celebration at his church on the CEERCA ministry site as can be seen by these photos. The youth presented a special program and the church was packed out. We praise God for the great impact his faithfulness is having on that whole area just outside the capital city of Bangui, as that country is also still in a very precarious situation. In fact we just learned that the rebel Seleka troops that have taken over most of the country are massing to the north of Bangui with the plan to march on the capital and take it over too. The U.N. forces there seem to be very ineffective. We ask you all for your continued prayers for all of our African partners and their life-changing ministries.

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