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Joy with Jesus kids teaching – Teaching the basics of Christian belief (Part 3)

As we continue with thoughts on how to teach our little ones about the important issues of recognizing our sins and repenting for them, we are presented with the opportunity to teach them about the Holy Spirit. So many books and illustrations help children to understand about Jesus, and even God as our Heavenly Father – yet sadly many shy away from helping children understand the Holy Spirit! Jesus knew the importance of his disciples continuing to receive help and guidance after he, himself, had left this earth, and so he promised to send them the Holy Spirit – the third PERSON of the Trinity, who has the advantage of being with each and every one of us all the time as our personal comforter and guide. So let’s take this opportunity to help our little ones better understand and appreciate this great gift!
Blessings, Shirley.

Teaching the basics of Christian faith (part 3)

Enseñando los fundamentos de nuestra fe (parte 3)



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