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May newsletter

We are excited to share what our overseas partners in Africa have been doing recently – in spite of several serious setbacks and unstable conditions in some of the countries. Sadly many countries in both Africa and other parts of the world are undergoing turmoil politically and experiencing violence and danger from rebel groups. We thank God and pray for our faithful partners who continually strive to spread the Gospel and carry out God’s work in the midst of such dangerous conditions. Be blessed, Gerald and Shirley.

Mike in Kenya continues to reach literally hundreds each month for the Lord. He sent this photo of the newly trained children’s ministers in Lodwar, where he taught a seminar and did ministry on his recent trip to the North. April is when the schools have a holiday, but that just means more opportunities for him and his team to hold meetings and start new kids clubs such as seen in the 2nd picture.

From May 11-13th he and his team will be in South Kenya for school ministry, and we should not forget that they regularly teach at his home church, Christco Church in Kimilili, where there are now so many children that they have to teach outside (3rd photo). The final photo shows Mike’s twin girls playing with the latest puppets (lovingly handmade by one of our supporters!) which he plans to use to help remind children to respect and love their elders. He greatly appreciates and thanks you all for your faithful giving and prayer support, which enable him to continue to expand this awesome ministry.

Pastor Honoré in C.A.R. wrote to tell us that as they were preparing to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of their church building (still just a temporary structure however) at the end of April, for the THIRD time thieves broke in and stole all the seats and tables, the drums, the brickmaking machine and even all the bricks and stone they had assembled for the next stage of building!! As I was writing back to encourage him, I believe the Lord gave me a new insight into why God does at times allow such frustrating setbacks. As a result, I wrote a new blog post entitled A different perspective on trials and tribulation – I hope you find it encouraging. We pray that God will enable Honoré’s church to replace everything soon and also make a way for someone to start living on the site to guard the property. This photo shows Pastor Honoré with other church leaders in front of the present temporary church building. Sadly the unrest and violence in C.A.R continues – on May 1st the Seleka rebels attacked a Catholic church in Bangui, killing 15 people and injuring more than 90. The murdered priest was a good friend of Honoré’s.


Pastor Sika in Togo wrote to say that the rains finally came and so the planting could at last go ahead. Of course, with lots of rain also came lots of mosquitoes, so new mosquito nets had to be purchased at the JP orphanage to prevent the children from getting malaria and other horrible insect-borne diseases. The political unrest continues the same with prices rising. Apparently the government has replaced the police with military soldiers, and check points have been set up on many roads making travel difficult. Pastor Sika said the president recently bought two war helicopters from France to display his power and intimidate the people. We continue to pray that there will soon be a peaceful resolution and a new, better government there.

Some good news is that Pastor Sika recently led a Muslim woman to the Lord and he has begun a bible study for her family at her store in Lomé. Although her husband has not yet accepted Christ, he is permitting the bible study which is attended by their 5 children (2 of whom are in high school and 3 are university students who have also started inviting their fellow students to participate!). We pray for God’s protection and blessing over Pastor Sika and all involved in this life-changing venture. Bethany Baptist Church is located in a mainly Muslim area of the city and this picture shows some of the construction going on to enlarge the church building.


Whether in Lomé or in remote villages Pastor Sika continues to employ all means possible to share the Gospel and develop strong believers, including in schools (as seen in the second photo). In addition to showing Christian movies outdoors, and distributing bibles and bible study courses, he utilizes solar powered audio players as a powerful means to reach people, especially school children and those at the Joseph Project Orphanage. He also sends his heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the prayers and support from you all, and assures us that in spite of the many challenges and problems, he is fully committed to the ministry God has called him to.

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