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Joy With Jesus teaching – Teaching the basics of Christian belief (Part 4)

Understanding God’s forgiveness is crucial to our understanding of the plan of Salvation. The despair and sorrow of our heartfelt repentance for our sins is completely washed away by God’s love and forgiveness because of what Jesus did for us on the cross. As a result, our wonderful relationship with our Heavenly Father is restored again. To us, this may seem straightforward, but it may not be so for some children. In homes where parents may punish unjustly or show little love, or in a world where “friends” may refuse to forgive, choosing instead to pick new friends, children may have very little understanding of true forgiveness. It is important that we not only teach and explain about God’s love and forgiveness, but we also demonstrate it faithfully in our day-to-day interaction with children (and other adults!). May God help us ALL be more faithful in this respect! Blessings, Shirley

Teaching the basics of Christian faith (part 4)

Enseñando los fundamentos de nuestra fe (parte 4)

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