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Joy with Jesus teaching – The Greatest Message

As we think about how to share God’s word with little ones, we often tend to think of telling the famous Bible stories – such as those found in the Old Testament, or in the Gospels or parables of Jesus. These are fundamental to our faith and easy for even little children to listen to and remember, especially if told in amusing ways, such as with drama, puppets or illustrations. But we also want to share with them the TEACHINGS of Jesus, so that they can begin to follow Jesus’ example and obey God from an early age. In the coming months we want to look at the most famous of Jesus’ messages, which he gave to a huge crowd on a hillside – the Sermon on the Mount. The clear-cut teachings in this message were not just for his disciples or those who were learned in the scriptures. His audience included people of every age, ability and background, yet the teaching was simple and easy to remember and follow – and I believe is also of great benefit to little children.
Be blessed, Shirley.

The greatest message

El mensaje más famoso

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