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Joy with Jesus teaching – The Greatest Message (part 4)

December is here once again with all the busy activity and focus on Christmas celebrations. As adults we can become a little too accustomed to hearing the Christmas Story once again after so many years, but for children it is new and full of excitement and wonder! Rather than write another Christmas message, I felt led to continue with our series of highlighting points from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount that children can easily understand and apply to their lives.

This month’s passage actually connects well with the Christmas Story. God reached down and showed His great love for all mankind (both good and evil) by sending His own son, Jesus, to become our living example. He lived in a way that set him apart from others and set a new standard – a much higher standard than just obeying God’s laws. Because of Jesus we can be encouraged to seek to attain that perfection that He demonstrated. Because of Jesus we can come to truly know and appreciate the love of God. No wonder we look forward to celebrating His birthday!
Share the story and His love! Merry Christmas! Shirley.

  The Greatest Message (part 4)

El mensaje más grande (parte 4)

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