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Joy with Jesus teaching – The Greatest Message (part 5)

The end of the year brings reflection on all that has been accomplished (or not!) during the past year; and we can also look back at the surprises and unexpected challenges that we had to face! But as adults we come to realize through the years that even through “bad times” we can understand more about life and how God helps us through everything. When we look at the Christmas photos of 2017 of our little children, we are reminded of just how quickly they grow and how much they learn and advance during 12 months. It makes me realize just what little time we have to influence their lives, as they grow up so quickly. It’s so important that we not miss the opportunities to teach them about Jesus and faith in God. By the time they reach their teen years, they tend to learn more from their peers and the Internet than from their parents and family! In this message we talk about two key characteristics of our Christian faith – giving and praying the way Jesus tells us to do! Hoping that the coming year brings you many blessings AND opportunities to teach others about Jesus Christ! Shirley.

  The Greatest Message (part 5)

El mensaje más grande (parte 5)

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