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Joy with Jesus teaching – The Greatest Message (part 6)

As we continue on into the new year with looking at highlights of Jesus’ famous message “The Sermon on the Mount”, we come to the last half of Matthew 6 which contains some particularly well-known teachings. As adults, even though we may be familiar with them, most of us would admit that we still struggle to apply them in our own lives. Yet what Jesus says here is not difficult to understand, and just because we still have trouble ourselves, doesn’t mean we should avoid teaching it to our children! In fact as they become more aware and understanding of the teaching as they grow up, I believe it will help them keep everything in the right perspective so that they can lead more fruitful and faith-filled lives as they serve Jesus. Let’s all keep working on this!
Blessings, Shirley.

  The Greatest Message (part 6)

El mensaje más grande (parte 6)

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