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Joy with Jesus teaching – The Greatest Message (part 8)

We conclude our series of teachings for children based on the Sermon on the Mount with the famous passage that includes what is often termed “The Golden Rule”. Surely this is something even young children can understand and be encouraged to put into practice! It also is an encouragement to us as parents and adults to have a little more patience as our children tend to naturally “keep on asking”!

I also want to take this opportunity to tell you about the latest resource that we’ve added to the website. It’s a new compilation of many different bible-based games, races and activities that I have developed through the years and is entitled “Helping Children Learn the Bible through Games”. It can be read through directly from the website or printed out in the second format and put together as a printed booklet of some 60 pages. I would love to hear your comments if you care to e-mail me!
Be blessed, Shirley.

     The Greatest Message (part 8)

El mensaje más grande (parte 8)

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