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Joy with Jesus teaching – The boy without a father

This month I want to share with you another true story from one of my friends. I first got to know Mike 15 years ago when he wrote me a letter asking to learn how to tell children about Jesus. He lives in Kenya in East Africa and had already studied at Bible College and could have been a church pastor, but believed that God wanted him to reach children with the Gospel. We wrote often and I sent him all our materials for children’s ministry, and shared lots of ideas with him. For two years he prayed for me to visit him in Kenya and in 2006 I received an unexpected gift that allowed me to visit him for 10 days. We have become close friends since then, as his family has grown from one child to four, and his ministry has also grown to be recognized in many parts of both Kenya and the surrounding countries. This is his story. Be blessed, Shirley.
Psalm 66:16 “All you people who worship God, come and I will tell you what he has done for me.” (ERV)

The little boy without a father

El niño sin padre

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