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Amazing, Awesome Acts! (Part 7)

Right now, families all around the world are having to make big changes because of the Covid-19 virus that has spread quickly. It can be scary and worrying, but we should all remember that God knows the future and so HE wasn’t at all surprised by this! He already has plans to help us get through it, so we should put our trust in Him. He is our Heavenly Father who loves us and will help us get through whatever we have to face, and He can even do miracles! Maybe you know someone who needs to hear that today and you can tell them so that they don’t worry! Be blessed and enjoy celebrating Easter – even if you have to do it in a different way! Shirley.

    Amazing, Awesome Acts (Part 7)

¡Increíbles Hechos Impresionantes! (Parte 7)

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