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Amazing, Awesome Acts (Part 8)

As our daily lives continue to be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic around the world, it’s hard to not get anxious about how much longer it is before we can get back to “normal” again! We all had plans for this year that were suddenly stopped in their tracks, and it’s tempting to complain about the restrictions and obstacles that hinder what “we” want to do. Our final story from the book of Acts is a wonderful illustration of how one faithful believer (Paul) was also stopped in his tracks by being arrested and taken to Rome for punishment. God COULD have saved him and once again set him free, but instead God allowed Paul to go through a long, difficult journey with danger and suffering, as he was led into the final season of his ministry. Because Paul kept his faith in God, he not only experienced peace but also impacted the lives of many other people. Be blessed and encouraged by this story!

  Amazing, Awesome Acts (part 8)

¡Increíbles Hechos Impresionantes! (Parte 8)


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