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Brilliant Bible Battles (part 4)

Although we usually think of battles as being associated with soldiers fighting in a war, we actually all go through battles of different kinds in life – sometimes battles with sickness or disease; maybe battles as we try to understand certain subjects in school; or perhaps our battle is with a particular temptation that we know is unacceptable to God…. At such times we may feel very much alone and surrounded by an impossible situation, and we just feel hopeless. Although the battle stories we are reading in this Bible series may tell of soldiers, fighting and miraculous victories, we can also be greatly encouraged by them as they remind us that God loves us and is always there to help us get through. This month’s well-known story is another good example of that, be blessed, Shirley.

    Brilliant Bible Battles (part 4)

Brillantes Batallas Bíblicas (parte 4)

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