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May news

We are sad to report that Pastor Sika‘s youngest sister passed away recently after suffering for the past year with cancer. She had been living in Sika-Kondji with their mother, and Pastor Sika had been praying especially both for her healing and salvation. We send the family our condolences and prayers at this difficult time. The new laptop (donated by one of our supporters for Pastor Sika) is still en-route to Togo as it was sent by sea along with some other items donated to the ministry, but we hope they will all arrive soon so we can have better communication again. Apparently it has been exceptionally hot recently in Togo and so prayers are also needed for the corn and cassava crops at the JP. We want to thank those of you who have sent in special donations toward the building project there, but continue to ask for prayers that God will touch many hearts so that the rest of the funds needed will come in soon, as there is much still lacking.


Mike in Kenya is now able to buy a new cell phone thanks to a special donation from one of our supporters recently, and it will help him greatly to get back on track with pressing ministry needs and better internet communication. This past month he worked with a group of about 30 kids during the school holidays, training them in evangelism. He was able to give them each a new bible at the end of the training and was excited to see their enthusiasm to share Jesus with others their age. Now that school is back on, he plans to visit more schools to share the Bible. He just contacted us to ask for special prayer for a young girl at a local school – she had tried to kill herself after being raped twice by family members! Our hearts go out to her, knowing that it is sadly not uncommon in Africa for young girls to suffer this way. Truly the need for EVERYONE to know Jesus is great!


1st anniversary of laying foundation stone
1st anniversary of laying foundation stone

Pastor Honoré and his family are thankfully doing much better. They recently celebrated the first anniversary of laying the foundation stone at the CEERCA ministry site and this photo shows some of the celebration that day. Things seem to be doing better at last in that troubled nation and we pray that the government will begin to make positive changes so that the people can recover and be able to move ahead once more. We also pray that funds will come in for the continuance of the building program on the ministry site.


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