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Bible Bedtime Stories – The Prodigal Son

In this third bedtime bible story in our series, we look at the famous story of the Prodigal Son. This is another great parable that we have acted out many times as funny but memorable skits to help reinforce the message. In fact it actually contains TWO important teachings so we will retell it in two parts. Since our present target “audience” is actually LITTLE children, we want to focus more on how it feels to recognize we have wronged others, and how we must battle our feelings in order to truly repent and seek forgiveness – both from those we have hurt AND our Heavenly Father. If children can come to recognize and understand this process from an early age, it can help them immensely as they gradually have to make more and more important decisions in life.

father-and-son-2The Prodigal Son (part 1)

El Hijo Pródigo (parte 1)

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