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Why we are “sheep” and not “cows”!

Yesterday as I was driving to work, I saw a farmer putting feed in the troughs for his cows. It was a large field and I saw the 50 or so cows all making their way toward the trough in a straight line, one behind the other. I found myself thinking: “Yes, that’s the way it should be for us Christians – all following along behind Jesus.” But then I remembered that Jesus DIDN’T refer to his followers as COWS – but rather as sheep!

Of course He knows best, and as I pondered this, I thought with amusement: “Well maybe the angels could be considered as cows as they quickly obey whatever Jesus says.”  That’s when I suddenly realized WHY Jesus calls us his sheep. I was reminded of when I visited England a few years ago with my daughter, Anna. We were in a beautiful deep valley with bare, sweeping hills all around us when we heard some whistles and realized a flock of sheep were coming down the valley. They were running and jumping all over the hillsides – and then we saw a couple of sheepdogs who were following the whistling commands of their master and running purposefully around the outside of the flock. They gradually steered the scattered sheep toward the one small road bridge across the fast-flowing stream, and we watched in amazement as all the sheep came together for a brief moment and safely crossed the stream before fanning out again over the hillsides. We actually took a video of it, so I have a very clear picture of it still in my mind.


OF COURSE Jesus calls us “sheep” – He knows us only too well! Yes, we want to follow Him, but the truth is that we tend to get side-tracked from time to time and find ourselves off down a “rabbit trail”! At times we lose focus and suddenly look up to find we’ve been left behind! We may even get so off-track that we end up lost and alone in a dangerous situation! But Jesus is always there ready to guide us back to him through the Holy Spirit, or with a bible verse, or with the help of another believer; and He even comes to pick us up Himself to carry us back if necessary if we cry out to Him! Thank God we are “sheep” and that Jesus IS the Good Shepherd!

Sheep crossing bridge

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