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July News

Dear Friends and Partners, As mentioned last month, there have been some major changes at the Joseph Project orphanage in Togo. After 4 years of operation, all of the original children are now teenagers and have finished school,… Read More

Pastor Sika’s visit to the orphanage

In mid June Pastor Sika spent several days at the Joseph Project Orphanage to celebrate 4 years of its operation and make some necessary changes. All of the original children are now teenagers and have finished school, so… Read More

June news

Dear Friends and Partners, One of the problems of sending out a monthly newsletter is that sometimes big news comes in from our African partners a day or so after we send a newsletter!! This happened once again… Read More

Special update from Pastor Sika in Togo

We just received a detailed report from Pastor Sika and the ministry there in Togo since the beginning of this year. He’s been especially busy again organizing and distributing tens of thousands of shoeboxes for OCC, and shares… Read More

May news

We are sad to report that Pastor Sika‘s youngest sister passed away recently after suffering for the past year with cancer. She had been living in Sika-Kondji with their mother, and Pastor Sika had been praying especially both… Read More

April news

We have received an update from Pastor Sika in Togo regarding the Joseph Project orphanage and believe it’s time to make a push toward raising funds for the completion of the new building. As you see from this… Read More