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July news and encouragement

Even if you are not one who keeps up much with the news, one thing that we ALL cannot escape right now is the fact that prices are continuing to rise! We are told that inflation here in… Read More

Encouraging June update and testimonies from Africa

I have to confess that most days I update myself with the latest news by scrolling through the headlines of my preferred news station on my cellphone as I eat my breakfast. If something of particular interest catches… Read More

May news update

As I have mentioned before, I try to have a different missions booth each month at our local church. Recently the focus was on Israel (where I lived for over a year in the mid-1970s) and, as we… Read More

March news update and pictures

Our small group of partners through the years has always felt like family to me, despite the fact that many of us have never met up in person. So it is with sadness that I report that one… Read More

February news and comments

Last Sunday I had another mission booth in our church foyer to promote cross-cultural awareness. After all 3 services, we stamped kids’ “passports”; handed out interesting fact sheets; and offered a tasty traditional snack. This month the focus… Read More

New Year encouragement and news

I know many people were ready to put 2021 behind us all, and start afresh in 2022. I was blessed to spend a week with our son, Mark, and his family back in East Texas, where the weather… Read More

Special Christmas encouragement and news

This past year has been difficult and challenging for everyone all around the world. I still keep in touch with friends in various parts of Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas, and I try to read news of… Read More

November news and thanksgiving

Since my last newsletter (where I shared about some of the difficulties being faced by our African partners), our family also has experienced a particularly challenging time. After 18 months of diligently taking precautions, one of our family… Read More

October update and prayer requests

As is sadly so often the case, after sending out a positive and uplifting newsletter last month, we find that this month it is not quite the case! There are just so many things to pray for and… Read More

September news update

About 3 years ago, I was asked by our local church pastor to head up the new missions and cross-cultural ministry at Real Life church to help our church people become more personally involved in missions. Our first… Read More