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Stories and memories that encourage and inspire

Having just passed another “special” birthday (I won’t say which one!) I’ve been reflecting over the past years and the many memories and experiences that have brought me to where I am today. It’s amazing how the passage of time tends to lessen the feelings of fear and hurt, and even turns memories of panicky situations into ones of humor! But in fact this is actually a choice we make. We can choose to dwell on past problems and hurts, going over them year after year to find excuses or appoint blame, and letting them build resentment and bitterness in our heart. Or we can choose to move forward, letting go of the past and forgiving mistakes and hurts, enabling us to fully enjoy the new seasons in our life.

It is always fun getting together with family members and reminiscing about past family events, comparing memories and adding snippets of forgotten information. In recent years, with our children grown, and grandchildren arriving on the scene, I’ve felt a desire (if not an actual “need”) to write down some of these stories and memories – especially in relation to how we recognize that God has been helping and guiding us through it all. Truly, where WOULD we all be today without HIM! As it says in Acts 4:20 (Easy to Read Version): We cannot be quiet. We must tell people about what we have seen and heard.

So, a few years ago I wrote a little book for our family and friends entitled “Seasonal Stories from the Family Farm” to help our grandchildren better understand and appreciate why we live the way we do, and why we have learned to trust the Lord so much on a daily basis. Each chapter is simply written, short and humorous – and has a kind of “moral” or simple spiritual teaching point at the end. I hope that by making it available here online, these stories will also encourage and inspire faith in others as well as bring a few smiles.



Seasonal Stories from the Family Farm




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