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Joy with Jesus teaching – Understanding prayer

Once we come to understand that through Jesus Christ we can have a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with our Heavenly Father, our understanding of prayer changes forever! We come to realize that He LOVES us and is EAGER to hear what we want to say to Him. The God of the universe actually gives each of us His full attention and WANTS to talk with us! How exciting is THAT?!

It is important that we help little ones understand this too. Prayer is not just “chatting with God” – certainly we can do so anywhere and at any time, but we should always be fully aware of the truly awesome opportunity we have to come into the presence of Almighty God! It is a great privilege and so, as Jesus suggests, we should go somewhere quiet to concentrate on God and focus on what we are saying as well as be ready to hear what God may say to us. As adults, let’s do our best to remember this ourselves and be good examples. Blessings, Shirley

Understanding prayer

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