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Great answers to prayer and June news

After last month’s newsletter, I am so happy to be able to report that God is already Pastor Honoré and familyanswering prayers to bring healing and restoration to those of our partners who were so ill. In the case of Pastor Honoré’s daughter, Divine, who has been ill for the past six months, it has been a rough month. She was finally diagnosed with a serious case of strep throat that had apparently spread and caused a life-threatening condition. Just a couple of weeks ago Pastor Honoré wrote to ask us to pray for a miracle to save her life. His last update a few days ago tells that she has turned a corner and is now both eating and sleeping peacefully at last after months of pain! Praise God!

Pastor Sika’s wife, Lucie, is making a good recovery after being in a coma due to high blood pressure. He is also thankful that a supporter has sent funds to help pay her medical expenses and so she is able to continue to receive the therapy she needs. Our granddaughter, Lily, has been seen by some specialists in DC who are very interested in her case. They want two other specialists to see her in order to form a team that can work together and be able to help her during the coming years. They want to be ready to help as more is learned about her condition which is so rare, so that is very encouraging.

We thank God for these answered prayers, while also remembering that for some faithful believers the result is not always so positive. These trying times help us confront the reality that our time on this earth is limited and will one day end, so we MUST keep one eye on the future – our eternal life in Heaven, where we will all be free from worry and sickness. Jesus proved to us all that His promise of eternity with Him is TRUE – we CAN be set free from the fear of death. Until then, we know that He is with us and will help us get through whatever this earthly life has for us. This past week would have been the birthday of our dear partner in Kenya, Mike Mwanhika. It is a little over 6 months since his earthly body gave up and he went on to be with Jesus. It was such a shock to us all, but we rejoice that his wife, Irene, and their children (seen below) are doing such a great job of continuing on with his ministry. We know their comfort and strength only come from our Heavenly Father, and as a result, Mike’s legacy continues to impact many children there in Africa. We keep them in our prayers; I also pray that you will all be able to enjoy a wonderful summer, despite maybe having to endure some “less-perfect” days! Blessings, Shirley.

IreneMike's children







Pastor Sika in Togo recently sent us a very encouraging and detailed report of his ministry work in the past couple of months, despite having to deal with Lucie’s medical issues. Shortly before her illness, Lucie was able to visit the Joseph Project Orphanage with Pastor Sika. They enjoyed a meal with the orphans and staff, and visited with the two small abandoned twins who are being cared for by a local woman in the village (as seen in the first two pictures). Thanks to a supporter sponsoring the twins, they are both eating and growing well.

Pastor Sika with orphan twinsPastor Sika and Lucie at the orphanage





Distributing food to a needy familyThe present political situation in Togo is still in shambles with a financial crisis and rising prices. Yet whenever he is able, Pastor Sika tries to give food to needy children and families – as seen in this photo where he and his son, Gilles, are helping a needy family.



Despite all the problems, Pastor Sika was also able to distribute some shoeboxes as part of an evangelistic outreach in several pagan villages. This picture shows happy children in a village strongly involved in witchcraft and idolatry in southern Togo. In Agbanake (final photo), the newly planted Baptist church is suffering much persecution and many children were forbidden to accept shoeboxes. We pray these new believers will stay strong and continue to grow in their faith and impact their community.

Shoeboxes given to children in a pagan villageMembers of a newly planted where there is much persecutionchurch





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