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New Christmas Around the World kids program!

This past weekend, with the help of a small team of children’s ministers, we put on an exciting program for the kids of our church (Real Life Wesleyan Church. It was a wonderful opportunity to help the children understand that not EVERYONE around the world can celebrate Christmas – or has even heard about Jesus! We talked about different ways people in other nations celebrate Christmas, sharing fascinating pictures and interviewing some special guests dressed in typical costumes. Then the kids returned to their classrooms for special activities reinforcing the TRUE story of Christmas, and for a couple of special Christmas treats from other countries! Finally each child took home a special Christmas handout so they could share their new knowledge with their family. Follow the links to access the fun teachings and games!

Notes for Christmas around the world 2022       Christmas around the world handout

Christmas game for Kindergarten       Christmas-Quiz.doc        Christmas Puzzle games

Around the world program

Christmas guest
Interviewing guest from Poland


Indian visitor
Interviewing guest from India





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