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Exciting February news and pictures

Those of you who live outside of the United States may not have heard yet of the ongoing revival that started at Asbury Christian College in Kentucky over 10 days ago. Few regular TV networks are covering it, but it has already spread to other Christian campuses. It seems to not be what many might think of as a revival – there’s no preaching, prophecies, miracles or strange signs such as gold dust. Instead it is a wave of particularly young people hungry for the Lord, repenting and praying for a closer walk with Jesus. A line of people wanting to enter the building stretches down the block for half a mile, despite below freezing temperatures. Individuals are testifying to being set free from bitterness, being healed from years of heartache, receiving a totally new perspective on God’s will for their lives, and so much more…. Churches around the nation (including our own) are calling for prayer and fasting for it to spread across the country, which so desperately needs a move of God. In recent weeks we have seen an increased hunger for God in our own church, and I believe God is already preparing ways for His people to step forward and do greater works in the Kingdom of God.

Workshop teaching

Last month I mentioned the Saturday Mission and Outreach workshop that I taught at our church. These pictures show me sharing with the group, and part of the international breakfast (representing typical breakfasts from Africa, Mexico and Israel as a mini culture shock!). We also watched the first session of the MomentumYes video curriculum, which is a 6-part online series of very inspiring and informative training to share the Gospel across all barriers, including cultural. The workshop was very well received and the church leaders are planning to encourage the many life groups (small home groups) to watch the series over a 6 week period later this year. I believe God’s timing is perfect! Also I am busy planning our church mission trip to Guatemala in May, and am excited that it will have an impact on those who go with me. We praise God that He is also clearly moving in the ministries of our African partners, and trust He is also wherever YOU are! Blessings, Shirley.

International breakfast

Pastor Sika and LuciePastor Sika in Togo – He recently sent us a great report about another aspect of his ministry – a weekly radio program where he discusses pertinent aspects of the Christian faith and how it applies to daily life in Togo. He is often accompanied by Lucie, his wife, and sometimes other local pastors. It airs on Mondays from 5.00pm – 6.00pm and he frequently receives reports and testimonies from listeners who have been impacted by the program.

In particular, he has recently been addressing the many prayer centers that have become popular around Togo. People pay to have “pastors” pray for them, but in reality these are business centers, not churches or even of the Christian faith! With the Togolese culture of going to witchdoctors and native spiritual leaders, even Christians become easy prey if they have not learned the truth about prayer and our Heavenly Father! Pastor Sika says the program is inundated with people calling in with questions and seeking the truth. We pray the Lord will send in the $100 each week that it costs to air the live show.

Radio program in Togo

With the planting season imminent, we praise God for another faithful special donation from a longtime supporter, which enables a tractor to be rented and the fields to be prepared and planted as part of the Joseph Project agricultural project again. An additional $500 or so will be needed in the coming months to help with fertilizing etc, but the yearly harvest provides a major part of the food staples needed at the orphanage and to feed others in need through the JP church.
Special prayer request  We just learned that both Pastor Sika and his wife are suffering from severe pain due to gum disease and may have to have surgery. We pray for wisdom and a complete healing and quick total recovery for both of them.


Pastor Honore in Central African Republic – He reports that his family is still having a difficult time recovering from the shock and loss of the recent attack on their home in the CEERCA compound. They still are without electricity as all the batteries for the solar panels providing the power were stolen – and obviously this is a particularly expensive loss. He says that the faithful guard dog they had had for 9 years was sadly poisoned in the attack. They are praying to be able to build a security wall around the compound – a huge undertaking but probably the only way to ensure security in the future. We pray especially for God’s protection.

February wedding celebration

Thankfully the spirits of everyone at CEERCA were lifted last weekend when there was a wedding celebration in the church. You can see from the pictures how packed the church was. Also two other couples (pictured with Pastor Honore and Clarisse) are now also planning their weddings there! We praise God that perfect love overcomes fear and the ministry there continues to grow!

Honore performing wedding ceremony

Honore and Clarisse with two other couples to be married







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