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General resources

Shirley sharing the Gospel in a remote pagan village
Shirley sharing the Gospel in a remote pagan village

Although we initially developed resources for use with ministry to children and youth, as we traveled more and more to places where Christian literature is neither affordable nor even obtainable, we recognized the need for more general Christian resources for adults as well. In so many areas of the world even pastors struggle to get a bible – and many have never even seen a concordance or study bible to help with their studies and Christian growth! But as cyber cafes open up in cities and more areas of even developing countries, it makes it possible for more people to get at least brief access to the Internet and online resources.

In Africa, Shirley saw how cyber cafes charge by the minute for computer use, and by the page for printing downloads, preventing many from surfing the net to find helpful resources, or printing materials that were originally designed for the Church in the West. Even here in the West, not everyone is in the position to buy a Christian book or inspirational card whenever there is an opportunity or need to encourage others, and our online resources can be downloaded and printed free of charge. Also, as we each seek to study the Word and grow in our relationship with the Lord, personal bible study and inspirational messages can help encourage and enrich us on a daily basis, or easily be printed to share with others.

As a result we have developed many simple scripture booklets, bible study guides, and informative or inspirational Christian teachings that are concise and printer friendly. Some have also been translated into other languages, including Spanish and French.

We continue to add new resources as our overseas partners share specific needs or issues, and as the Lord leads. We hope they will be a blessing to you and your ministry.