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Series of short bible teachings

Here are several different series of short teachings that help teach children about Bible characters or important aspects of our Christian faith. They can be used to develop complete lessons or to help children have a better understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith – and most are available in both English and Spanish.

Brilliant Bible Battles series – encouraging reminders of God’s love and power to save His people from being defeated in battles even when it seems impossible! Also in Spanish

Amazing, Awesome Acts series  – exciting stories about how Jesus’ followers went on to do mighty works as they put their trust in God. Also in Spanish

True stories series  – encouraging true stories of what God has done for some of my personal friends when they were children. Also in Spanish

Curious facts about Bible heroes series  – fascinating stories that include less well-known facts about famous Bible characters. Also in Spanish

The Greatest Message series  – key points for kids from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Also in Spanish

Learning the basics of Christian belief series  – short teachings for kids to explain the foundations of our faith. Also in Spanish

God’s rules for kids   – key points for kids from the Ten Commandments. Also in Spanish

Bible Bedtime stories  – stories that retell many of Jesus’ parables but set in the present day