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Informative Christian teachings

Many of our contacts in developing countries are unable to spend time surfing the internet and do not have access to knowledgeable Christian ministries that can help them learn more about Christianity and other religions. Over the years some have asked us for information on certain subjects, and so here we share some of the answers we have prepared for them. Please note that these facts are basic and may need to be updated for accuracy, and we have tried to keep our comments as Bible based as possible. When articles have been taken from other publications we have done our best to give the correct reference and credit.

Fundamental Christian beliefs

Notes on comparative religions

Unveiling Islam teaching

Jehovah’s Witness teachings

Sabbath or Lord’s Day

Understanding the work of the Holy Spirit

Thoughts and scriptures on witchcraft in 2013

Christian viewpoint of homosexuality and addictions

Notes on fasting

Facts on the plight of girl children around the world

Teaching notes on True Leadership

What the Bible says about aliens and UFOs

Time lines of Shem