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The words “vision” and “prophetic word” can mean many things in many churches, but here I want to share some of the revelations or understanding that God has given me periodically through the years. They are not so much great prophecies of future events, rather just a picture or maybe a few words that move my heart to be burdened in a new direction. It is only looking back, that I can see so clearly that those moments were actually turning points along the way as the ministry developed. But more than that, when trials come and the going gets rough (inevitable when we serve Jesus), we can remember that experience or “word” from God and know without a shadow of doubt that we MUST continue! Without that, we would truly be confused and doubt. I hope that maybe in some way the experiences that I share here will be of help and encouragement to you.

Gerald’s vision

1st children’s ministry vision

Vision of car engine

Vision of family dinner

Vision of the harvest

Worldwide vision

Worldwide vision unfolding

Dream of living dead

Dream of tornadoes