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Resources for children’s ministry

We well know that in some countries there are many churches with good programs for children, that reach out into the surrounding communities. However on the other hand, we know that in the majority of 2nd and 3rd world countries, most churches focus on constructing a building, getting Bibles and preaching to adults – and maybe even just surviving persecution! In addition, in many of these countries, because of wars, malnutrition, AIDS, and poverty, a great many children die before reaching adulthood. SO THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE! We already have another challenge that reaches to EVERY part of the world–THE “4-14 WINDOW” – that is: all children from the ages of 4 to 14 who need to hear about Jesus Christ.

Teaching children's ministry in Mexico
Teaching children’s ministry in Mexico

Through our personal experience of teaching in such areas outside of the United States, we have seen the need for helpful, dynamic teaching ideas that can be readily adapted to different cultures and are not dependent on understanding American ways. In addition they must utilize only materials that are commonplace and readily available ANYWHERE in the world! We have visited places where even crayons and paper are a rare luxury in children’s ministry, and where obtaining bibles (or any other Christian material!) is practically impossible. We know that children everywhere learn more through games and activities than merely sitting listening to a teacher, so we hope these resources (many of which help train the teacher at the same time!) will be useful as they are used both inside and outside of the church.

Fun activities – dynamic bible quizzes, puzzles, games and races, and special seasonal programs

Simple skits – for puppets, people or even using the children, and for use in Sunday school lessons or special programs

Special teachings and events – and help for developing an effective children’s ministry

Series of short bible teachings – for use in lesson planning or just to help teach kids about the Bible

Monthly kids pages – each focused on a different country, or a theme considered in different cultures around the world

HELPING CHILDREN LEARN THE BIBLE THROUGH GAMES  – is a new compilation of many bible games, races, and fun bible-based activities for kids. It is also available in a format to be printed as a 64-page booklet for easy use and sharing with others.

Seasonal Stories from the Family Farm – is a little book filled with short, humorous stories about our children growing up on our little farm, and each illustrates how God takes cares of us and teaches us important spiritual lessons in everyday life. Tell the stories as bedtime stories or if there is extra time at the end of a Sunday School lesson