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Simple skits

Parrot telling story of Noah's ark
Parrot telling story of Noah’s ark

Skits are a great way to retell a bible story or parable using puppets, visiting “characters”, or even just with the help of some of the children themselves each with a specific prop or piece of costume. Here we include some that are updated bible stories that can be adapted to fit the location of the children (especially important in other countries to help better understanding by the children). We also include a complete evangelistic program that uses various kinds of skits.

Prodigal Son skit

Two Builders skit

Good Samaritan skit

Phil and the Hippy skit

Sheep and Goats Skit

Skit of Noah’s Ark

Skit of Elijah

Skit of interview with Gideon

Animal skit teaching the Golden Rule

Lion, sheep and skunk skit

Pedro’s Party – Evangelistic program (good for Christmas)