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January news update and urgent prayer request

As we enter this new year, I imagine most of us are rather glad to say goodbye to 2020, and hope that the coming year will be somewhat less challenging to say the least! But already, at least… Read More

Special Christmas newsletter

Merry Christmas!   As Christmas approaches we are all having to adjust to not celebrating it as we have been accustomed in past years – maybe unable to travel to be with loved ones; foregoing Christmas shopping in… Read More

November encouragement and news

As we begin to prepare for the holiday season with upcoming celebrations of Thanksgiving and then the highlight of the season, Christmas, we have to face the fact that they must be very different this year, particularly here… Read More

September encouragement and news

With school restarting in most places in one form or another, and some lovely Fall weather here locally, one can’t help but realize this year is quickly passing – and what a year 2020 will be for the… Read More

July news and encouragement

As we hear news of over 70,000 new Covid-19 cases reported in the US just yesterday (second day in a row!) and close to 1,000 deaths in one day, NO-ONE knows what the future holds! Every additional news… Read More

June encouragement and news

There is no doubt that 2020 will be remembered for years to come – and quite likely go down in history for the first worldwide pandemic of the Covid-19 virus. As I was reading updated statistics recently for… Read More

May news update and encouragement

Once again we find ourselves still operating under the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 virus – a situation none of us would have imagined just 6 months ago! Even with endless news reports, interviews and statistics, it is… Read More

Encouraging March news update

I never cease to be amazed at God’s timing that let’s us know that HE is in control, despite what we may see happening around us! I already had a couple of personal news items I was going… Read More

February news update

Hearing the news from our various friends around the world, it seems life is such a struggle for so many and it is easy to feel that there is so little we can do to bring about any… Read More

Important ministry news

Dear Friends and Partners, As many of you are aware, Gerald and Shirley moved from Texas to Maryland in the past year to be with family. After much investigation and prayer as to how to move IMOF Inc…. Read More