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Exciting new resource!

Through the years I’ve developed many different games, races and fun activities to help children learn the Bible – and they’ve been tried and tested in many different situations  around the world. Some time ago I was asked by a children’s ministry in Ghana (that has used many of our resources) to compile these ideas for bible-based activities into a book. I have finally finished it and am happy to share it through our website.

HELPING CHILDREN LEARN THE BIBLE THROUGH GAMES – includes a wide variety of fun games and activities, many of which can be used immediately upon reading them. Others need some preparation but can be played multiple times, or adapted for different teachings or bible verses. It is hoped that many will inspire new ideas – as surely God is the creator of them all originally! It is also available in a format to be printed as a 64-page booklet for easy use and sharing with others. It is my hope that it will be a blessing to many around the world, and I would love to hear your comments!

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