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Bible study guides

Student bible study group in a Kenyan school
Student bible study group in a Kenyan school

Old Testament Study Course – This simple course of 17 lessons can be studied individually or in a group, to give a good foundation of understanding of the Old Testament. It includes some basic historical background and is mostly in the form of key points and characters in each book/chapter with the corresponding bible passage references. It is designed so that it will also be helpful for quick access to find the major stories and characters in the Old Testament, and is especially useful for those who do not have access to a study bible or concordance. It includes some short tests to review and strengthen understanding.   OT study course    Also in French OT course in French


Discipleship Course – This simple course of four lessons teaches a new believer of any age the important steps to follow after salvation and become a disciple of Jesus Christ. It can be used individually or as a group teaching.  Discipleship course for new believers Also in Spanish Discipleship course in Spanish


Exploring God’s Word Bible Study Guides – These easy-to-follow study guides break down certain books of the Bible into short passages in each chapter, giving key memory verses. We refrain from making commentaries, other than stating the key points of the passage and adding simple definitions or factual information to make clarification. They are especially designed for use in developing countries where study books are rare. Learn more about the series in the Exploring God’s Word Introduction

Gospel of Matthew    Gospel of Luke      Gospel of John     Overview of Book of Acts    Book of Acts     Missionary Map Puzzle (for use with study of Acts)   Romans     1 & 2 Corinthians     Hebrews     James   Revelation   Letters for Christian Living Bible study 1  (by Paul)  Letters for Christian Living Bible study 2  (by Peter and John)

We have also just added an Overview of the Book of Psalms and an Overview of the Book of Proverbs


Discovering the Truth discussion bible studies – So many of us “know” the biblical teaching on sexual immorality and yet don’t seem to know how it applies to today’s society, where living together before marriage, homosexuality, and other liberal views such as promoting transgender treatment have become commonplace. It is often difficult to know where to turn in the Bible to learn about such issues, so we have developed a new bible study guide to help called Discovering the Truth. Learn more in the Introduction

Sexual immorality        Homosexuality and LGBTQ         Divorce


Godly Beauty Bible Study (for women) – This looks at how different cultures view beauty and then studies various godly women in the Bible who can help us better understand what true beauty really is.  Godly Beauty bible study


God’s Rules for Kids – This is a series of simple teachings about the Ten Commandments. God’s rules for kids  Also in Spanish God’s rules for kids spanish


Sunday School Series for Children

Series 1 - Old Testament
Series 1 – Old Testament

God’s Purpose for Man in the Old Testament – 12 lessons teaching about the key stories and bible characters of the Old Testament that show God’s plan to prepare the way to send His Son, Jesus Christ. Each lesson employs different teaching methods, simple skits, object lessons, games or activities.  Old Testament series  Also in Spanish  Old Testament series Spanish





Series 2 - Jesus teachings
Series 2 – Jesus teachings

Jesus’ Teachings – 10 lessons based on the Sermon on the Mount teachings, again each uses various teaching methods and activities involving the children.  Jesus teachings  Also in Spanish  Jesus teachings in Spanish






Series 3 - Heroes
Series 3 – Heroes

Heroes of the Bible – 10 lessons based on key Bible characters that make good role models for adolescents. For older children, it encourages discussion of how to apply the Bible to their daily lives, and also each lesson includes a puzzle or activity.  Bible heroes    Also in Spanish  Bible heroes Spanish





Series 4 - Life of Jesus
Series 4 – Life of Jesus

The Life of Jesus – 12 lessons teaching the life story of Jesus; key miracles; and important parables. The drama skits and activities involve the children and thus enable them to have a better understanding of Jesus, his power and the spiritual lessons he taught.  Life of Jesus Series