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Calling out sexual immorality

It has been several months since I wrote on Shirley’s blog, but that is not to say that I haven’t been writing elsewhere! I believe it is time to share a clear and candid viewpoint (that is biblically inspired) on sexual immorality today. A generation ago, even in Christian families, there was often still a hesitancy to discuss such subjects at length – perhaps a special book was offered for reading and some basic guidelines laid down. Society in general was well aware of sexual immorality but tended not to flaunt it openly. Suddenly it seems we have woken up and discovered that we are on a road where we are literally bombarded on every side by all kinds of immorality that has become generally accepted unquestioningly.

Even “decent” TV shows now include a gay couple or scenes of sexual behavior that catch us off-guard and quickly reaching for the fast-forward button. The U.S. government continually puts out new legislation and guidelines that even my parents could literally NEVER have imagined! There are lots of debates, protests and comments on every form of media, but sadly it seems that if we truly question this new wave of an “individual’s rights and freedom of expression” we are suddenly branded as judgmental, insensitive or bigoted!

I know many young people today are confused – but what is even sadder is that their parents seem to have no clear conviction either! And yes, I am talking about in Christian families too! So many of us “know” the biblical teaching on sexual immorality and yet don’t seem to know how it applies to today’s society.

For several years I have written simple bible study guides that can be used individually on a “Do-it-yourself” basis or in small groups. They are primarily used in high schools in rural Western Kenya where bibles are few and yet, as a result of great evangelistic work by our African ministry partner, Michael Mwanikha, there are literally thousands of teenage students who are hungry to know Christ and study the Bible. Last year Michael asked me for advice on how to address sexual immorality as there was a growing problem, especially with homosexuality and lesbianism.

As a result, I decided to write a different kind of bible study guide that would address such issues, include relevant reliable facts and data, and promote discussion of how the biblical teaching applies to today. I hope it will be helpful to those who don’t just want to be swept along in the flood of popular thinking, but want to discover the truth about what is pleasing to God in this very important area of life. Once we clearly know and understand the standard that God has for us even today, it enables us to stand more firmly and share our belief with others. Let me know your comments on these articles! In the coming months I also plan to add some further studies on abortion and addiction.

Discovering the Truth discussion bible studies:


Sexual immorality

Homosexuality and LGBTQ


5 Comments on “Calling out sexual immorality

  1. Very good Shirley! I loved your lesson on the LGBTQ, I will plan on reading the others later, got lots to do. I’m working on a sermon now on false teachers. The Holy Spirit is with you!

    Love you Sister!
    Davolyn Walker

    • Thank you Davolyn, I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on this lesson. I hope it will help and encourage others who may be unsure of how to deal with this very prominent and much debated issue today. You are a blessing!

  2. Kenya teens at high schoo. Are being blessed with this articles keep on writing by his grace

    • Thanks, Mike. I am so pleased to hear that these bible study guides are being well received and are helpful – especially to the young believers there in Kenya! Keep up the good work of overseeing the student-led bible study groups and preaching in the schools and youth rallies!

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