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Some thoughts on updating the website

Time moves on, and with it comes the need for change! Nowadays that change often involves newer technologies, whether or not we like it! This past month I have been doing a complete overhaul of our website, after discovering that the “old” system has been abandoned by the tech support! This is the 3rd or 4th time this has happened over the past 18 years or so (really no surprise to you younger ones, I’m sure!) and I realize the website needed to be updated, but… wasn’t what I had planned on for right now! Of course I had gotten very “comfortable” with the old system – and now I discover that there are THOUSANDS of wonderful options out there, with all kinds of new terminology! I have spent HOURS reading pages of “help” online and made copious notes as I tackle starting to develop the new website. I’ve felt completely overwhelmed at times and almost tempted to quit!


But as I’ve prayed for REAL help from the Holy Spirit, I was reminded yet again thatALL things work together for good….” and I know it’s time to take a good hard look at the website and do some healthy pruning so that hopefully it will produce more fruit! With “smart phones” becoming so popular in recent years, people want to find what they are looking for with a few quick swipes of the screen; and with most people using text messages instead of writing letters or e-mails, I realize I have to close my ears to the “correct” English I was taught so many years ago and actually write with contractions! Lol it’s not easy!


But as usually happens when we give something over to God, I soon got excited about exploring new possibilities, and realized that God’s timing IS perfect, as I should be finished with the new website this week (I hope!) – just as the carrots, beets and potatoes need to be harvested and put up for storage from the garden!  As I reflected on all this change, I started to see so many similarities to our spiritual walk: how easy it is to stay comfortable and shy away from making changes; how important it is to recognize the new ways of younger generations if we want to continue to reach them with the Gospel; and the value of regularly pruning areas of our life so we don’t get tangled up in unnecessary “stuff” from the past! Yes, it’s good to move on, even if it means a lot of unexpected work!

Our vegetable garden
Our vegetable garden

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